Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Day In Utar Kampar

Thank you Esther for inviting me to Utar Kampar as a special guest for your event, Reverise Summer. It was my first time being a special guest for a college event and it is surprisingly fun, Utarians are really really friendly! I felt bad as I didn't expect there will be so many students actually skipped their classes just to see us T_T. And, sorry of my lack of confidence in speaking to public, I didn't talk much on the stage due to my nervousness as this is my first time seeing so many people. With that, I realized I actually have stage fright lol It's been a few times such as presentation I'm still fear of public speaking ugh I don't know why. Or maybe I'm afraid I've said something wrong which might offended someone? No idea man.

Look at all these people! I feel so touched, I feel like I don't deserve all these people because to me, myself I'm just nothing I'm not an artist, I don't sing nor I don't dance. But still I have a bunch of  awesome people that is willing to spend their time to come over and see me, or maybe not only me lah of course duh haha! * perasan overload * 
Thank you for those who had been liking me as who I am and believing in me which I've inspired them. I'm so grateful to have all these lovely readers and followers! 


With my girls, Cherrie and Nana

OOTD, current favourite maxi skirt with a pair of sneakers

White Top // H&M
White Chiffon Maxi Skirt // Bangkok Platinum Mall
Watch // Baby-G
Sneakers // Nike Air Max 90 ( Japan )
Necklace // by invite only ( Bazarro )

Friday, June 27, 2014

The New Laneige Water Bank

I was really excited when I was given a chance to attend Laneige’s new product launching in Garden Lifestyle Store & CafĂ©, located in Sunway Pyramid last week! This is because I have been using Laneige products all these while, especially their sleeping mask (My favourite!)

FYI, Laneige is one of the well-known premium Korean beauty brand in Malaysia and no surprises that most of you have heard about the brand.Here are the new products that they’re launching in Malaysia!

Let us welcome :

The all new Water Bank AD

Compared with the previous Water Bank, the new Water Bank has ONLY 5 SKU which uses Hydro Ion Mineral Water and new moisturizing biogene™ technology to activate our skin’s ability to generate and retain moisture. It is also able to penetrate to the 20th layer of our skin, which activates and revives the 4 dormant moisturizing genes. The new Hydro Ion Mineral water is 8 times more effective in delivering moisture to skin as compared to the Optimal mineral water, which was used in the previous water bank range.

I wasn’t aware that Asian women have a weaker skin barrier (damages easily upon external stimulation) compared to the Westerners, making it highly prone to moisture loss until I read about how Laneige spent 20 years on water research.

So it’s really important to let our skin stay moisturized all the time. The Laneige Water Bank AD is made up of 5 distinct products, which are the Water Bank Essence_Ex, Water Bank Gel Cream_Ex, Water Bank Moisture Cream_Ex, Water Bank Eye Gel and the Water Bank Double Gel Soothing Mask. I’ve tried all of them and the Water Bank Essence_Ex is one of my favorites! Because you feel well-moisturized even after a long day!

Next, introducing an entire bubbly new range - the new Brightening Sparkling Water range. This new range consist of Brightening Sparkling Water Capsule Mist, Brightening Sparkling Water Whipping Cleanser and Brightening Sparkling Water Pop Essence. The benefits of these are that it helps our skin to brighten up and gives you a zest of freshness every time it is applied.

Did you know that actually Sparkling Water provides a lot of benefits for our skin? It helps improve blood circulation, promotes dead skin cells and clean pores.

The brightening sparkling water capsule mist have been part of my daily spray after my makeup is done!

Because I hate that whenever I put on foundation or powder on my face, my skin looks so damn dry and cracked. No worries anymore now that I have this baby.

Lastly, water drop tint!
One of the best selling drop tints in Korea which creates a wet shiny effect. Making our lips look like it has been coated with water even during dry weathers

Look at all these pretty colors. There are 10 of them: Hot Pink, Rose Mauve, Orchid Violet, Apricot, Raspberry Pink, Camellia Red, Peach Coral, Neon Pink, Fuchsia Pink and Scarlet Red. Fuchsia Pink is my favourite!

Oh ya, btw Daphne was here with me because she was invited too :p Both of us were so obsessed with the drop tint we feel like stealing all of them home LOL

All these new items will be launced on the 1st of July 2014, nationwide. Come and join Laneige’s 1st kick-started Water Bank promo from 30th June to 6th July at Pavillion (right in front of Coach). So don’t miss it!

Besides those products, Laneige Malaysia has actually kick started an initiative called “Waterful Sharing Campaign” to aid marginalised groups through a partnership with Malaysian Environmental NGOs (MENGO). And they are targeting to raise RM 60,000 through a 3 month campaign to facilitate the installation of rainwater harvesting systems in three homes: Trinity Community Children Home Society, Shelter Home for Children and Praise Emmanuel Children Home.

Besides that, Laneige Malaysia team has pledged their commitment to help by cleaning and sprucing up the environment of the homes while the installations take place in September 2014.

To support the campaign, Laneige is launching its “Waterful Charity Kit” featuring limited edition packaging design where RM10 from the Charity Kit will be contributed towards the targeted fund. One thing good about this waterful charity kit is that you can try all their products first! This is much better than trying ONLY a bottle of the different range. The “Waterful Charity Kit” consist of a Multi Cleanser (30 ml), Power Essential Skin Refiner_Light / Moisture (50 ml), Balancing Emulsion_Light / Moisture (50 ml), Water Bank Essence_EX (30 ml), Water Bank Gel / Moisture Cream_EX (20 ml) and Water Sleeping Pack_EX (20 ml). It costs only RM 129 per pack and will be available at all Laneige beauty counters nationwide starting from July 2014.

For more information head over to or

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Finally KLFW2014 has ended. It was my first time attending KLFW and I do enjoyed the shows. I didn't know there's like so many awesome local fashion designers in Malaysia until I went KLFW but I only went for first and last day cause the rest of the days I was not free to attend. Actually I felt kinda wasted for not going all. Especially thursday that day, I was suppose to go and support Influence but I couldn't make it cause it clashed with my another event. I felt sad for not attending as it's their first show in KLFW ugh. Hopefully they will have their next show soon?

For the first day of KLFW2014,

Having our favourite Nestle LA CREMERIA ice-cream while enjoying the fashion show. One thing I like about this Nestle ice-cream is that it has a rich creamy taste filled with nuts, chocolates and vanilla swirls with a burst of inclusions! It definitely filled up my sweet cravings quota for the day 

It comes in 6 variants namely Almond Pecan Praline, Vanilla Cashew Delight, Chocolate Obsession, Chocolate Hazelnut Temptation, Hazelnut Ganache Sensation, and Strawberry Dream and is available in 1.2L tub at major hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide. Nestle LA CREMERIA is definitely a great snack for this kind of weather these days.

Look at Arran!

Lisa was telling me that KLFW it's much more better compare the one held in Korea because malaysia's fashionista doesn't compare their outfits with others and all of them are really friendly. As for Koreans, they tend to compete their outfits with others and see who got the most trendy outfit. Then I guess, I'm sorry I'm not fashionable enough to go Korea fashion week, not even a single chance to join them sob

Baby Blue Tee // H&M
Inner Crop // Topshop
SkirtShorts // LahLahLand
Creepers // T.U.K
Bag // Zara

For the last day of KLFW2014,

So proud of my cousin as she is one of the designers that made her showcase in KLFW her name is Pearly Wong you guys can check out her collections at instagram @pearlywongofficial , I definitely love her new collection! All look so prefect with YRU shoes *drool*

Me and my sis were wearing OSaccessories from @LahLahLand, OS latest collection

Matching white outfits with Nana 

White dress // PearlyWong
Bone chocker // Osaccessories
Bangle // Osaccessories
Clutch // I don't remember it's from where 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Aldo + KLFW pre-party

Was invited to Aldo Collection meets Summer'14 launch @Pavilion with GBGteam yesterday. Thank you Aldo for giving me a pairs of lovely heels for this event. Don't know why I'm so into high heels lately, something like the one I'm wearing from Aldo so girly and elegant. But I can't wear it everyday cause I'll feel so insecure, I'm 171cm consider being tall I guess? Because of it I don't feel very comfortable wearing heels as it makes me look like a giant and that's an issue if I want to go out with heels meh. Especially hanging out with my friends sometimes I really wish I'm a little shorter but then again there are times I do love my height lol Idon'tknowwhatamItryingtosay ops.
Well as they said, the short wish taller and tall wish shorter am I right? Okay, I guess I'll just be grateful for what I have no one is perfect.

Here's their new collection look

The chic, metallics, ultra-comfortable heels and the easy as flip-flops but infinitely more stylish, boat shoes. Love how they match their outfits all dressed up in white and the shoes, accessories definitely stands out.

After that me and my GBG team went down to KLFW pre-party @Grand Millenium for the party. It makes me even more excited as the KLFW is coming so soon which is on the 18th June - 22nd June! Wooot

This is one of the best Vodka I've had so far. But just one pure shot of it, my face turned super RED like i'm drunk or something #alcoholicdisaster

The is what happened after that shot, my face totally CMI.

Okay, back to my OOTD pictures it's been awhile I didn't take something like these. Recently I kinda try something new like this style but I still can't figure it out what shall I call this style, any suggestion?
Just button up the first collar of a white shirt with a sports bra inside matching em' up with a knee length black skirt and a pair of black heels

White Top // H&M
Inner Top // H&M 
Skirt // H&M 
Bag // Zara 
Hat // I don't remember it's from where
Heels // Aldo
Shades // Spitfire
Lip color // Nars Semi Matte Lipstick Jungle Red