Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Someone requested me to blog about my presentation of * Plastic surgery bring bad effects to our life * on my blog. So, yay! Today I'mma blog about it! I didn't expect people would actually wanna know that D: Which means, I've chosen a right topic on my presentation since it's caught people's attention. Good Good!!

So... My presentation started like this.
I opened Angela baby and Huang Xiao Ming picture on the slideshow and asked my classmates do they want to have all these pretty features? ( I used their picture because they have pretty features)
then I talked where I'm from and why I'm here, blablabla.... Why teenagers want to get plastic surgery blablabla.... Those part I don't think you guys want to know right LOL. As you know presentation have to be very formal ._. So, I'll just skip that.

First, why plastic surgery bring bad effects to our life.
(Plastic surgery can be addicting) Not every plastic surgery bring positive rewards, so once you did it you will wish to have more to make it more perfect. Here're the examples of people who addicted to plastic surgery and turned themselves into a beast instead of a beauty.

1) Hang Mioku
Just watch this video and you'll know why. (Of cause during my presentation I've to talk, not showing videos lah.)


2) Jocelyn Wildenstein
If you want to watch the video Click here. I don't want to embed it on my blog because........ the video's image very..... scary and creepy.

3) Our king of pop, Michael Jackson who did more than 10 nose job!

Second, risks and dangers of plastic surgery

There can be complications to any surgery , Heart attack, Stroke and Death
Terrible pain after plastic surgery, swelling, infection and bleeding

Third, there are a lot of kind of plastic surgery may not last long

, those silicone stuff have to be taken out after a few years, Such as nose job, breast implant.
( This one I'm not confirm is it true or not :-x Because so many people did nose job, impossible they're not afraid about that right LOL.) Imagine you did a nose job then few years later you have to take the silicone nose implant out and put another new one. WTF.....

Oh well, that's all!
I know plastic surgery can make people look prettier but there's a lot of other ways can make yourself pretty! Why not spend those money to buy skin care, cosmetics or clothes, shoes, accessories
(Always remember, 打扮是一种秘密武器,不必整容啦)

Look at my N year ago picture and now. The magic power of styling, makeup.
I didn't say I look pretty now but I look so much better than before.... Don't get me wrong okkkkkkkkkkk



Saturday, January 26, 2013


I just had my english presentation this morning! We're required to do a persuasive speech in the class and my topic was " Plastic surgery bring bad effects to our life ".
Yup, it's just a simple topic and I sucked at it LOL I didn't realized my hands were actually blocking the projector during my speech and because of that my slideshow was totally ruined by my hands wtf T_T Anyway, I'm not the only one that bad lah.... I think......... I think..... ( careless me T_Tx2 )

Nevermind, it's over useless to be sad right now. After that ghkhlgj speech I went to brunch with my sister Jane at Publika! We have found another new place to chill in Publika! Oh Yeah, Uh Huh!
So for those who've asked me in instagram/twitter where is the coffee shop located, here is it! "Coffee stain by Joseph @ Publika "

Love my sister's cap, so nice!

Here's our nommie! 

Cheesy Ham

Sunny Bun

Our hot drinks! Gwi yeo weo~ 第一次喝那么可爱的热巧克力

My hot dark chocolate bear

Sister's mocha totoro

My outfit of the day,

The background matches my outfit, kkkk

My new edge stud mix wedge snickers from NakedKimchi 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Golden Disk Awards 2013

Annyeong Annyeong!! Finally today got some free time to blog about Golden Disk Awards if no I've to postpone this post againnnnnnnn. So sorry for the wait ah!
I believe some of you are still in golden disk awards mood hehee... so do I!
I can't believe it ended so fast T_T I still remember the day when I know there's this award thingy will be held at Malaysia was at October, and now?  It's over LOL. Why do good times pass so fast!!!!!
The Golden Disk Awards was held in Sepang International Circuit, Kuala Lumpur, 15th January and 16th January 2013 two days! I went there with my sister Jane and Cherrie (from duogigs).

So this post is about GDA's press conference day one and day two. Ermmm... I know you're probably wondering why I didn't blog about the award, becauseeeeee....... I didn't get to snap any photos during the award so I can't blog about it without any photos taken by me.
STUPID MEDIA PASS can't access to Samsung Galaxy Zone plus media area also cannot snap photos ._. Actually can, but...... only 10 ppl can snap first at the media zone for 15minutes only. YES freaking 15minutes only wtfwtfwtfwtf. 
Luckily one good thing of the media pass is we get to go to the press conference. If can't, I rather take rockpit zone then -.- because the media area was kinda far away from the stage ok. Rockpit zone was even nearer than media zone, Cherrie said.

Okay, Let's begin the Press Conference DAY ONE!
We're like so damn close to the all the K-pop artistes! I can even see their baby pimples! YOU SAY NEAR OR NOT? LOLjustkidding but really very close lah.

BTOB, also known as "Born To Beat" 

Love Baro's hair! He is so cute!

I like her illa illa song and Fool feat Yong hwa, love her sweet voice!

I'm kinda shocked when they came in, SO MANY PEOPPLE IN THIS GROUP O_O!

CN Blue
Yong-hwa talked a lot during the interview! He's so nice and friendly

FT Island
Hongki too!

Two words to describe them, SOOOOOOO PRETTTTTYYYYYYYYY!!!




Here you go! For all the Super Junior fans!

That's all for DAY ONE ! Now,

YES YES YES ! I love day two! Because of YG FAMILY was there!!!!!!!!!

We get to watch GD's rehearsal before the press conference starts! SO LUCKYYYYYYY!

He looks so good with the boy london beanie!

The K-pop fan girls! Me, Carol and CheeChing! We're actually squatting down in front LOL . What to do, I want to see GD ._. Although tired, but worth it !

Huh Gak



Teen Top


Miss A




YG Family time! Epik High!

GD oppa! So close T_T

Lee Hi!

I hope you enjoy reading this post! I mean, seeing all these photos! HAHAHA!

안녕히 계세요!